The Mademoiselles

Hey everyone and welcome to our blog

We are Noam (16) and Shoval (14) , we both live in a little villege in Israel and love fashion.

We are gonna post every week some of our outfits, accesorizes or anything related to fashion that we like.

A little bit about us :

SHOVAL – My top 3 loves are fashion, summer and shopping. Some of my habbits are dancing (Hip Hop), eating, swimming, taking pictures and surfing. Im addicted to my phone, I love scrolling through Instagram and posting pictures of myself and the things I like.some of my favorite kind of clothes are shorts and strepless shirts. Im signed to Robertos Agency as a model and an actress.I really like accesorizes, partying and I very like the singer- Lorde. I’m sure you don’t want to hear me sing tho because then you want to be able to hear at all… Oh and unlike other people, I love math.


NOAM- My top 3 loves are photography, shopping and Travelling around the world. I love watching movies and study cinema at school. I also am, just like Shoval, addicted to my phone and social media- I run a twitter account, Keek, Instagram and obviously TUMBLR. Im on my tumblr none stop, I like the creativity, tumblr outfits,nature pictures and the classy quotes. I have some quotes that lead me and my way of thinking, for example “to be beautiful means to be yourself, you don’t need to be accepted by others you need to accept yourself”. Thanks to my parents I got the chance to travel around the world from a very young age. I adore seeing new caltures,new places, tasting different foods and seeing different designs. Also a thing I really love is music. I like forgetting about the world and connect to the lyrics and the voices. My favorite singer is the Australian popstar Cody Simpson. oh and PARTYING is my absolute get away! I love dancing and getting crazy like there is no tomorrow.


“Trends may come and go but style is forever”

Hope you will enjoy our blog!

Much love,

Noam & Shoval


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