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As you all probably know it’s the season of Fashion Week SS16! NYFW (New York Fashion Week), LFW (London Fashion Week) and MFW (Milan Fashion Week) are already over! PFW (Paris Fashion Week) is on as we speak! I love fashion weeks because I love getting exposed to new campaigns and designs!

But it’s not fashion week I’m here to ramble about! I’m pretty sure you all know Gigi Hadid, a top supermodel who lives in NY.

To be honest, Gigi Hadid has always been a supermodel I have always looked up to as a role model. Her endless kindness and beauty inside out is truly inspiring.

Gigi walking for Jeremy Scott, DVF, Tommy Hilfiger and Anna Sui on NYFW SS16:







Gigi walking for Versace on MFW SS16:

<img src="https://heyymademoiselle.files.wordpress.com/2015/09/img_7280.jpg" alt="IMG_7280.JPG” class=”alignnone size-full” />


There is this storm going on on social media right now, about body shaming, that has started from Gigi’s Instagram post responding to body-shaming comments she has been receiving this past month. “But I’m human, and I’m not going to lie, I did let the negativity get to me a little..” She says. “I represent a body image that wasn’t accepted in high fashion before”


How can you possibly body shame such a beautiful person? I literally don’t understand!

Her Instagram post has been receiving many many responses from other models, fashion icons or celebrities. And instead of being just a simple response to haters, it turned into a topic models from all sizes share their opinion about and supporting Gigi, going by the hashtag #ALLDIFFERENTALLPERFECT trying to show that all body types are beautiful.

Out of many people who reposted Gigi’s post on Instagram and twitter, there’s a few who caught my eye.

Kris Jenner reposted Gigi on Instagram and added,


Josephine Skriver, a VS angel, showed her support. Ashley Graham, a plus size model, and even celebrities such as Alexander DeLeon (who’s an artist I really look up to).




Tyra Banks, who Gigi says she really looks up to, also responded on Instagram and twitter, supporting Gigi.



Gigi shared her love to all body types by twitting
“@GiGiHadid: I ♡ YONCES BODY
I ♡ @angelcandice’s body
I ♡ @CandiceHuffine’s body
Love so many
All different—all perfect”
& “@GiGiHadid: I ♡ @theashleygraham’s body
I ♡ my body
I ♡ taytays body
I ♡ Queen khloes body
I ♡ A.Simpsons body
I ♡ SERENAS body

Truly inspiring I must say! Gigi interviewed for VOGUE talking about the subject, why she wrote that Instagram letter and what she wants to come out of it.

What do you think about everything that has been going on?? Share your thoughts on the comments below!

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Noam .xx

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