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Hello guys!

So I thought that for today I’m gonna tell you who is my ultimate celebrity crush, has been for years and will be to be honest.
Hottest, best, cutest actor in the whole freaking world must be ZAC EFRON.
Yes yes my main bae for ages is like the ultimate babe in the world.

For one he is such a great actor, and he selects his movies so so carefully that every movie he stars in is just amazing! I have watched all of his movies and each and every one is just perfect!!
He is obviously so hot and from what I have heard and such he is so cute and charming!!
Also, in a weird way, something that makes me feel related to him is the fact that he is jewish just like me, I don’t know really I just love the fact he is exposed to my kind of world and traditions 🙂

I could never scroll through tumblr and not come across this:

Or the post that says “whoever marries Zac Efron wins at life”
I couldn’t agree more LOL!

Zac is currently dating model, Sami Miro, for about a year now and they look so cute together!!!

Alrighty well, collected some pictures for you, ENJOY! (I’m sure you will)












See you soon,
Noam .xx


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