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Hello guys!
If you are an older reader, or read my previous beauty blog, you would know I don’t use make up. At least not on a daily basis, and only on special events. Even then I keep it very simple with only blush and mascara, if I’m really going for it I would add an eyeliner or lipstick! Haha!
But although it isn’t a part of my routine, I do own make-up which I choose very carefully and make sure it’s good. I don’t own any foundation, concealer and powder, because those are just things I wouldn’t use anyway 🙂

You get a lil’ nosy look into my make up bag, enjoy!

If I do put mascara on, I make sure my eyelashes are extremely bold and strong, a thing I learned from my dutch friend is to use a few kinds.
So I have L’ORÉAL PARIS false lash wings, butterfly effect fibers! It’s really good, I use it as the base and love it a lot!! It wasn’t really that expensive actually so I bought two!!
The other one I have, which I use mostly for a kind of re-fill, A.K.A on top of the other one is MAC zoom fast black lash, which is also really good!


The blush I use is also from MAC, it’s the gentle mineralize blush. Because of my skin being very tan, I chose to buy a pink blush, I put it on my cheekbones which really emphases them I also put a bit on my jaw line, just because it compliments it- Something I recommend strongly! If you are using foundation you can also brush it a bit on your hair line, it will make it blend in and looks really good!

My blush brush is Meiligirl TM 401, it’s very soft and I love it a lot!

This one is kind of a sparkly nude blush! I use it just below my cheek bones because it just compliments them and make them look very sharp, sometimes a bit on my forehead, eyelids and jaw line! It’s LANCÔME PARIS 01!


These are my two kinds of eye liners, one is from JADE the intense long lasting eyeliner. It’s water proof so it’s really helpful! But you need to be a champ on putting eyeliner on to put this one because it’s hard to remove! Lol! The second one is L’ORÉAL PARIS super liner perfect slim intense black! I recommend it so so much! I love it!! It’s very precise and easy to use!


Lip pencil- MAC hip ‘n’ happy! It’s light pink and I usually put it below my lipstick just because it makes my lips look much better!
Eye pencil- MAC so there jade! It’s turquoise, I’m not sure that’s the name of the color in English but basically a mixture of green and blue! I also love it a lot and sometimes put it instead of an eyeliner.


I have four kinds of lipsticks! Three of them are from L’ORÉAL PARIS, I bought them in a pack! 202 impulsive fuchsia, 01 fashionista pink and 06 Aphrodite scarlet! It mostly depends on my mood and how bold I want my lips to be really, because my lips are thick I mostly go for lighter colours, my last one is MAC cremesheen peach blossom, also pink!

I make sure to have all the things I need to remove make up in my bag also!

Hope you enjoyed this one,
Have a great weekend and see you soon!

Noam .xx


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