Alt-J Concert Outfit & Review | Fashion

Ello ello!
On the 24th I went to an Alt-J in Live Park Rishon, Israel!
The experience was quite sick! I loved every minute of it really. Everyone in the crowd were dancing and singing on the top of their lungs it seriously felt like this lovely party concert!
To be honest, I love Alt-J their music is absolutely amazing and they are amazing artistically in my opinion, but they do have to improve their performances! I loved the things going on on the screens and their stands and obviously the sound! But they started a song and finished it until the last string of the guitar, most performances I’ve seen before they pass through the songs without you even noticing and I really like it! It just sounded a bit like a bar performance instead of one in front of 30-40 thousands of people!
Something that was really cool is that everyone was the same kind of person, I mean everyone were dressed like indie-boho style and were this cool people haha!

On that note I will show you my outfit for the concert! I wore jeans shorts that I cut myself, they used to be my dad’s and I basically took over his Levi’s collection LOL! I matched it with a top from Brandy Melville and a flannel from American Eagle Outfitters on top! Black high converse on my legs and Daniel Wellington on my wrist!










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