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How have you guys been?
Today I decided on giving you the recipe to my favourite dinner ever!
Basically every time I get hungry and I have everything I need at home I make it hehe.

My favourite dinner has got to be Chinese! Noodles with vegetables in a Chinese sauce!

Get all the vegetables and sauces you need!! [ I do it with 2 carrots, 1/4 cabbage, 1 onion, 10 Champions (mushrooms), 2 Peppers (gambas), 1/2 pack of sprouts, 2 zucchinis and sauces- Soy Sauce, Teriyaki sauce, Brown sugar, Sweet Chili Sauce and salt, if there is anything you like and think can match in go for it! ]



Step Number One:
Take all your vegetables & cut them all!


Step Number Two:
Put on some oil and onions on the wok (the kind of pat for Chinese food) and wait until the onion is a ready!


Step Number Three:
We start off with the ‘harder’ vegetables, which means the ones that need more time to get cooked so they will be soft and easy to eat! So add you carrots and then you peppers!



Step Number Four:
Boil hot water and add the noodles in! Let is cook until it’s ready!

Step Number Five:
Wait for it to mix up a bit and add your cabbage!


It needs to look kind of like that at this point-


Step Number Six:
Add on your zucchinis and mushrooms! After a while add the sprouts! Mix it all up until it looks good to you.



Step Number Seven:
Let’s start with the sauce! It really is about how much you choose to add with your own touch! Doesn’t have an organized recipe, at least I don’t do it that way! Just make it proportional and don’t put too much sauces!
It should look somewhere around that after the sauces-


Your vegetables are ready yay!!

Step Number Eight:
Add the vegetables to the noodles and mix it up!


BON APPETITE PEOPLE!! Hope it will turn out very tasty for you!
If you try it out send me a massage and tell me how did it go!

See you soon,
Noam .xx


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