Summer Haul pt.1 | Fashion

Hey guys!!

Today’s blog is a haul yewww! It’s part one because I have more and just decided to devide it so this is kind of like a July Haul.

I think you’ll really like my new things! It’s things I have requested from my parents when they flew over to Thailand and things I’ve requested from my best friend when he flew over to LA!

#1 Vodi Shorts


these shorts are from Brandy Melville, one of my favourite brands! it’s very comfortable and lied back. I wear it with a cool nice tank top or maybe a white crop top with high converse! nice outfit for summer and spring!

price: $16

#2 Suzanne Tank


My second item is this cute tank! It’s also from Brandy Melville!

I love it so much because it basically goes with everything! I plan on wearing it to the concert I’m going to in a week and a half of Alt-J, stay tuned to see my outfit hehe 🙂

price: $17

#3 California Tee


Also from Brandy Melville haha like you didn’t see that coming! It’s a graphic tee, so so comfy!

As you can see from all my posts, my style is very simple and consists of mostly comfortable clothes so basically all kind of clothes from Brandy Melville is something I would like!

#4 Beats By Dre Pro


Beats has always been my favourite headphones! It takes listening to music to a whole new level lol! I like being in my own lil world while listening to music so it’s perfect, plus you can hear every little detail in the song and listen to it just the way it was produced as, so it’s really cool.

#5 Levi’s Shorts


These shorts aren’t really bought to be honest, I got a bit creative, took my dad’s old Levi’s jeans that don’t fit him anymore and cut them into shorts, how good does it look!! I absolutely love it, I have a few more that I intend on making and decorate with cool stuff! Don’t worry you will get a blog post it about it too!

#6 Black High Converse


I’ve wanted this shoes for quite a while now and finally got them! I love them so much. They fit with each and every one of my outfits especially because I wear mostly black and white! Converse are my favourite shoes ever and I wear them all the time, mostly everyday!

#7 Paris Amour Body Cream


My best friend bought it to me as a gift from Bath & Body! I love that shop way too much, they have great products that smell so so good! I’ve got two other body creams from there that smell like heaven!

I really recomenned this one go check it out!

price: $12.50

That’s it for today guys! pt.2 will be up soon!

Comment below which one did you like most! Do you have one of these?

see you soon,

Noam .xx


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