Summer Playlist | LifeStyle

My Summer consisted of Cody Simpson’s new album “Free” which came out only on July 10! It’s so great, super chill and spreads so many good vibes, I HIGHLY recommend on checking it out!



Ed Sheeran’s “Multiply” which never gets old hahaha!


Alt-J’s “An Awesome Wave” which I have actually discovered just this month from my best friend, they are such a great band and I’m going to see them live August 24th, I’M SO EXCITED!


& a few singles here and there!

So here is the list:

#1 Happy Lil’ Hippie from “Free” by Cody Simpson

#2 Breezeblocks from “An Awesome Wave” by Alt-J

#3 Still Smiling from “Free” by Cody Simpson

#4 Eye Of The Needle by Sia

#5 Fitzpleasure from “An Awesome Wave” by Alt-J

#6 Palm Of Your Hand from “Free” by Cody Simpson

#7 Bloodstream from “Multiply” by Ed Sheeran

#8 Tessellate from “An Awesome Wave” by Alt-J

#9 I’m A Mess from “Multiply” by Ed Sheeran

#10 I’m Your Friend from “Free” by Cody Simpson

Go check them all out and tell me if you like them! Also, any song you couldn’t stop listening to this July? Tell me in the comments!

See y’all soon

Noam .xx


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