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hey guys!

I am back yewww

Today I’m going to give you guys some nice recipes for a complete best breakfast idea! I might as well do a few more of those, they really depend on your mood hehe!

so basically if you wanna spoil your mumma, your man or your bestfriend with some yummy breakky continue reading..

Banana Pancakes:

Did someone say Pancakes? ummmm YES! to be honest I found this recipe somewhere on the internet and never got to try it up yet! But it sounds so good and simple for y’all lazy people out there.. All you need to do is to smash a banana into a bowl, mix it up with two cracked eggs, but mix it up reaaaaalllyyy good hehe

Really thats the whole recipe lol, put a bit of oil on the pan and get to work! add some syrup on top and here you got some spoiling breakfast.

You have got to add up milkshake to make this breakfast just a bit more prefect, to be honest I’m obsessed with milkshakes and have a ton of recipes on my phone! So here’s one for you

Oreo Cheesecake Milkshake:

All you need is 3 scoops of cookies and cream ice cream, splash of milk, 3 spoonfuls of cream cheese and 1 handful crushed oreos! Mix it all up! ahhh doesn’t it sound so great?!!

Try it out and tell me if it came out good!

‘Till next time fellas,

Noam .xx


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