Best Looking At Met Gala 2015 | Fashion

The met ball may be the most fashionable event of the year. Biggest designers & most unique dresses. Everyone known in the show biz have to be there!
So I collected my top best looking looks from the amazing event that has taken place about a week ago (a week ago) haha did you see what i did right there!

By the way, the theme this year was ‘China: through the looking glass’

#1 Elizabeth Banks
I love the dress, its super classy with the cut outs on the side, which made it sexy but with taste! The colour is so freshy and makes it look even better.


#2 Irina Shayk
This dress is actually so unique and i couldnt keep my eyes off of it! At first i doubted if it should be in my top best looking, but the more i looked at it the more beautiful it appeared. The design and the colour are completing it perfectly and it looks just amazing.


#3 Hannah Davis, Hailee Steinfeld & Gigi Hadid
The three red rocking girls. To be honest I usually dont really connect to the colour red, but I really loved these 3 dresses. Each one is unique and classy!




#4 Selena gomez
Her white dress, which looks so simple, is also so special and i absolutely loved it. It hugs her curves perfectly and just compliments her body so much, which is not so common with white lol!


#5 Dakota johnson
I have got to say WOW. When i first saw it i immediately fell inlove, I WANT THIS! Its so unique, so modern and she definitely rocks it with her hair cut and classic heels.


#6 Kendall Jenner
I ,usually, don’t relate to kendall’s style, but i couldn’t ignore the fact that this dress is so so beautiful. I love the cuts on the sides and the colour (that definitely fits may!!), the glitters are the cherry on top!


#7 Kate Hudson
This may be the only gold dress I absolutely loved. It’s so classy and modern as well. At first I wasn’t sure about the complete look because she is blonde and it may be just a bit too much, but she looks like a princess!


#8 Justin bieber & Dave franco
‘Em boys! Looking super classy and elegant. Loves the simple look on Dave but also that special jacket Justin wore was Wow!!



#9 Cara delevingne
She rocks it every year to be honest. I love the fact shes different and chooses not to go with dresses! Her overalls every year definitely go to my top 5. She’s perfect!!


#10 Miranda kerr
Talking about perfect, that may be the name under the definition in the dictionary.. Most beautiful lady out there. Her dress is so so beautiful and Im so stealing it hehe.


Who’s your favourite from these?!
Comment below!

Have a good week,
Noam. xx


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