How To Feel Confident With Your Body | Lifestyle

Hey guys,
Today I wanted to write a bit about society’s view on ‘beauty’ and give you some advices about ‘how to feel more confident in your body!’ Its your skin after all, forever!


Society these days is very judgmental. Making each and everyone of us, judgmental as well. But why taking other people down because they don’t look like models is OK? It’s not, to be honest, and it needs to end.

We ALL have our insecurities and thats okay, that is natural, we are all human beings. The thing we need to accept is that nobody is perfect, just like us, and we shouldn’t expect ourselves to be.

With these fit models out there these days, on billboards, magazines, articles and basically EVERYWHERE – we all start questioning how we look, am I thin enough? Am I fit? Do I look attractive? But at the end we all give up, knowing we would never look like that super model. We take ourselves down and that’s bad!


So I wrote down 5 advices, that may help you with the way you see yourself, and make you feel confident about yourself.

Having friends that take you down surely isn’t helping your self esteem. Try to keep friends that make you feel good about how you look as close as you can, these kind of friends will help you with how you see yourself and how you feel about your own body.
Try to be a friend like that yourself. compliment your friends! tell them how good they look today, how you love their shoes, how you adore their new shirt! It is one way to make yourself be surrounded by people who is exactly like that too.


One thing that I think is the most helping way of being confident of your own body is doing sports. Go out to Run once in two days, go out for a walk every night. It will help you with how you see yourself and will make you confident about your own skin. Usually when you do sports, it doesn’t really matter how much weight you lost but it makes you confident about your own body in a special way- Because you work for it and you do everything in your will to try and like the way you look more.


Being positive about everything that is happening in your life could always help with the way you see yourself. If you look at things in a positive way you will also look at yourself in a positive way, you will see yourself and your own body as beautiful and human.


All of these models we see these days on billboards, on magazines and in different sites on the Internet- Are photoshopped. Never forget that this is not the natural picture and it has been edited. Taking off beauty marks, making the legs look more thin or the breasts bigger. Don’t try and look like a sketch when you don’t need to be! You are human and should look just like that. Accept you aren’t perfect!



You always need to make sure, to look at things you have done and accomplished to feel good about how you look or who you are because it really builds your own character. Have you taken one kilogram off? make yourself feel good about it! Have you aced a test? make yourself feel good about it! By giving yourself some credit about things you have done, you’ll surely feel more confident about yourself.


Follow these few advices and try to be happy with your own body!
Thats the recipe for a great life!!!

Noam .xx


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