Hottie Of April | Monthly Posts

Hey guys,
Its a new week which brings a new post !
This hottie of the week is NICK BATEMAN
Omg if you know him he is so hot, like really really hot!
And although its like “oh the regular brown hair and brown eyes” NO he’s just so beautiful, I CAN’T!!!
I adore his style because it’s simple but looks so nice, also he’s so fit and has way too many abs to count…..
He actually may be, the only person I love the way his beard looks. Usually guys over grow it or the opposite, but his looks perfect.
&& is there a need to talk about his smile!!! Biggest turn on in guys is definitely a beautiful smile!

Sorry for my french BUT THAT’S MY SHIT MAN!

Give him a follow on Instagram, I promise YOU WON’T REGRET IT.









What are some features you like best in guys? Let me know in the comments below !

Have a good week,
Noam .xx


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