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Hey guys, It’s friday night & I’m back with a new post yewww!!

So this week I chose to talk about something that definitely bothers me->


To be honest, with school, exams, projects, chores, social media, social life, family and just relaxing time I’M COMPLETELY TRAPPED.
Looking at the list of To-Do’s everyday is really exhausting.
I’m under a lot of stress and I feel it in everything I do- I don’t sleep well and I can’t do one thing without thinking about the other I have to do!

So I decided to write all of you readers who are facing the same problems as me, some advices on HOW TO DEAL WITH SO MUCH STRESS:

Probably the most useful thing to do while you having so many To-Do’s is making a time table. Organize your time, write every little thing you need to do- from house chores to big tests. Having everything noted always helps. Make sure to take a few days of studying before a big test, or just write yourself a day of relaxation when you see you can- having some free time is also very important. Mark an X next to projects you finished or days that have passed, it will make you feel accomplished and content with what you have done today. Make sure to keep some free time for friends and family, studying or working isn’t everything in life.
Stress doesn’t always involve things to do but also, mental stress. Relationships, friendships and even headaches can make you very stressed. A thing that can really help in that case is writing, buy a journal and make free time everyday/ every two days to write how you feel. Write about everything that comes to your mind, putting your feelings on a paper makes you feel very relieved.

When you have a day full of studying or working, only a few minutes of a relaxing activity everyday will make it all so much better. Take a few minutes in the morning to meditate or sit on your porch and eat breakfast in the fresh air. Also, an activity that personally helps me a lot is listening to music. Before I have to start studying, I take 3-5 minutes to listen to my favorite song or a reggae/folk kind of song that can really calm me. It helps me relax for a few minutes to gain power to start my day!

The main thing that stresses all of us is thinking about future things. Sometimes, focusing about only today or only this week can really help. For example, I try to take each and every test by steps. If I know I have a test in Math in a week I will start studying but I wouldn’t start thinking about my test in Literature, Spanish and English which is the week after- it will raise my stress about these whole 2 weeks and make my studying less productive.

Most relaxing thing after a day of studying must be a bath. After you finished studying/ working for 7-10 hours straight you definitely deserve it! Fill up your bath and spoil yourself a little for tonight!

Sleeping a full night like you need to, will help your day to be more productive and your spirit to be up. If you will feel tired all day, you will barely be able to focus on what you have to do and will not be able to concentrate on studying at all! Also, your body needs those hours of sleep to be healthy.

Doing sports and working out is one of the most helping and relieving things I can think of. It takes your mind off of things completely and gives you a mini get-away for an hour or two. Try and work out in the morning to refresh your mind and start the day clearly or work out in the evenings by relieving the whole day and getting ready for a relaxing night.

Learning to say ‘NO’ or even ‘YES’ to hang outs or nights out is hard! Sometimes, we need to say No knowing we have so many things to do BUT we shouldn’t forget that as said before, life is not all about studying and working, and sometimes we need this night out to get away from the stress and do something for your soul! Make your decision according to the amount of things you have to complete.

If you are in the middle of a long day of studying or working and you feel exhausted do NOT continue. Continuing wouldn’t make it better but worse, you will not focus on what your are doing and may make mistakes. Also, if your body is tired it needs its rest, don’t exhaust yourself too much- listen to your inner voice.

Instead of looking at all the things you haven’t finished, try and look on the things you did. Keeping yourself positive and your spirit up is very important for you to continue. Make yourself feel better by feeling accomplished and proud of what you have already done.

Take a walk around the neighborhood, breathe the fresh air and smell the nature. It will relax you in no time! Also, you can plug in your headphones and tune out the world!

That’s it for today, have a productive and relaxing weekend!

Noam .xx


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